Subject: Toward intimacy: Preparing the buttocks

Touching can mean intimacy. But Western societies go to extraordinary lengths to avoid touching, and breaking-down those prejudices is not easy. Learning how to comb her hair is a good start. Use a large comb, with well-spaced teeth. Start high on her forehead, at the hairline, and work the comb steadily backwards, taking care to avoid gouging her ears. Use the comb teeth to massage the skin of her scalp. For this purpose I also use a very large plastic knitting-needle to probe down through the hair and gently work all over her scalp.

A combing session that lasted, say, fifteen minutes would give ample time to introduce that other great element of intimacy - voice. Words of encouragement, words of inspiration, words that she can just listen to, if she wants, without making a response. Practising the actors' art of soliloquy (talking to one-self) can be very valuable in this respect. Human beings are programmed to learn, and the first thing we set about learning is our spoken language. We shall use it for the rest of our lives.

My friend Margaret was trying for her night-flying endorsement. As we walked out to the aircraft on a pitch-black night on that gravel airstrip at Narrogin we passed a veteran pilot who was old enough to be Margaret's grandfather. I sensed her pause, as he touched her arm, and he spoke a few quiet words. To this day, Margaret can remember nothing of that flight-test, except for his words, 'Keep it straight, and keep climbing.'

When you have brought your partner to the depths of submission, I feel it is my duty to raise them to the highest peak of exaltation. Words, and music, can do that also, but that is for the end of the process. Let us look at ways of approaching intimacy through preparation.

My standard preparation kit includes:

Rubbing Alcohol, or Medical Spirit (iso-Propyl Alcohol, 70%) *
Cotton-wool balls
Disposable plastic cups
Skin-care lotion
Disposable plastic gloves
Paper towels and tissues

* If you can't obtain these you may consider using methylated spirits, being careful to avoid any broken skin. Some people decry the use of methylated spirits, saying it contains toxic components that can be absorbed through the skin. Use it sparingly, if you need to.

I perform a three-phase preparation of the buttocks for corporal play. The above 'kit' covers two of the phases - swabbing and massage. Items for an intermediary phase - warming - are usually available on the premises.

"My dear, it is my grave duty to apply a tactile stimulus to your bare bottom, while at the same time doing all I can to avoid undue injury. I have a three-stage preparation for achieving this. Let me explain the procedure, after which I will ask if you will accept the preparation."


Make sure there are no sources of ignition in the vicinity (room fires, lighted candles, people smoking, etc). If you incinerate your partner you are sure to spoil her day. Pour a little of the Spirit into a disposable plastic container. Using the cotton-wool balls, carefully swab all surfaces of her buttocks and upper and inner thighs, including the sides of her buttock cleft. For this operation she can be kneeling, or laying face-down.

Blow your breath rapidly over her damp skin, to hasten evaporation and the cooling process.

DO NOT swab directly from the stock bottle. Swab from a disposable container into which you have placed a little of the Spirit. If there are any medical or nursing personnel present they will loudly deride any breaching of hygienic procedures.

DO NOT return any unused Spirit to the stock bottle. If you have any unused Spirit, put it carefully aside to use at the conclusion of the corporal play. Swabbing a hot and wealed bottom can be a delightful way to end a caning.

If you wish to play 'doctor' and justify this phase, you might tell her that the swabbing is to clean her skin. All part of your duty-of-care toward her. Some people have even reported a mild 'high' at the pungent odour of methylated spirit. Reminds them of childhood days at the doctor, and injections.

Dispose of swabs thoughtfully, remembering that alcohol can dissolve varnish off furniture.


This phase is optional. It will depend on facilities being available.

Take a largish bath towel, and heap it in the kitchen sink, bathroom basin, or laundry trough. Pour over it copious amounts of boiling water. Extract the towel, using tongs or gloves, and remove ALL loose water. Fold the towel to form a thick pad, and place it over her buttocks while she is laying face down. Ideally, the warmth will promote blood vessel dilation and hence blood flow. Your efforts may be rewarded with two delightfully pinkified cheeks :))

This phase may prove to be disagreeably uncomfortable during hot weather.


With one or both hands gloved, thoroughly massage the skin-care lotion into all parts of her buttocks, and upper and inner thighs. Give full attention to the inner surfaces of her buttock cleft, from the base of her spine (cocyx) right down to her anus. I like to devote about fifteen minutes to this massage phase. Be prepared for her lapsing into fits of giggling; you will be massaging some rather 'ticklish' spots :))

Use paper towels and tissues to remove any excess lotion from her skin surface. Explain that her bottom is now fully prepared to accept the cane, that her skin will 'grip' the cane lovingly, without skidding.

Of course, all this massaging will be thoroughly exercising your arm-and-shoulder, and upper body. Great strength will not be needed for the caning, but I do find that the vigour of the massage enables me to handle the cane with greater delicacy and precision. Remove the glove as soon as you've finished the massage and you'll have a perfectly dry and oil-free hand for holding the cane.

A word to the carnally-inclined. Your gloved and well-lubricated fingers will be working very close to her ano-genital regions. Be very careful where you let them stray, even if you know the woman very well. Some women can get very upset at being sexually penetrated without their prior consent. This applies especially if other people are present. The massage is NOT an invitation to sexual molestation. I have performed this demonstration on several women whom I met for the first time at the demonstration. Undisciplined fingers would have meant social suicide for me.

This preparation is best performed where you can leave your partner undisturbed until you are ready to commence the actual caning. Places I prefer to work are a large kitchen or dining-room table, or the floor of a loungeroom. Cover the table-top or floor with a quilt or small mattress upon which your partner can lay, and 'veg-out'. When you've finished the preparation, cover her body with a modesty sheet or blanket. Allow her thirty minutes or so to contemplate what lays ahead.

When you rouse her, offer her small sips of iced water. It will usually be gratefully received. Avoid sugary fluids and alcoholic beverages.

DO practise your stagecraft if you go in for this style of corporal play. It is often performed in the presence of others, say at a party, and it is useful for the caner to regard themselves as an entertainer. Practise talking to your partner, and to your audience. Explain what you are doing, and why. Strenuously avoid any derogatory comments and potentially embarrassing statements. Making jokes at her, or anybody else's, expense will guarantee you won't be invited a second time. And do be mindful of your audience. Poking somebody in the eye with the end of a cane will definitely spoil their evening.

I wonder what she is thinking as she lays there, her bare bottom all ready for the cane ...

Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia

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