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"Sea Eagles"

an original story, by Eric Carwardine

Inspired by memories of
Saturday nights

"Let not the clouds of despair darken your face. Abandon Earth, for you are a child of the Universe. Laugh at Gravity, and throw yourself to the Skies; I will catch you."

"Swooping, my arm encircles your waist. The extra weight of your body hurls us Earthwards. Air-speed rising, slip-stream screaming in our ears, tearing at our clothing. As oblivion rises to meet us, my wings find a little precious lift. Gradually, our terrifying dive flattens, and the treetops flash beneath us. The rush of our passing dislodges a few dried pine-needles from their perch."

"Five hundred knots, and fifty feet above the waves, we fly on. Across two Oceans, and a Continent. Toward some distant eyrie. An anxious Sun seems to be calling us ever Westward."

"Water turns to sand; sand turns to rock, as the Earth rises beneath us. Slower and slower we fly, as the ground becomes steeper and steeper. Dust and twigs sting our eyes, as my wings torment the air. But my wings must not touch the rock-face, as I lower you toward the narrow ledge. Suddenly, I feel your body grow lighter as your bare feet touch solid rock. I release my grip. The Eagle has landed."

"With beak and claw, I rip apart a fish I had caught that morning. I look into your face, as I offer you the tender shreds. Do your eyes water from the Wind, or is it the moist Fire of Desire I see?"

"The Sun has vanished, and we are alone in the velvet Darkness. I draw you to me, and fold my wings around you. The chill Night air shall not touch you."